Thursday, March 5, 2009

To Celebrate Nate's Bday...

We went to a farm!
Lydi and Micah on the hayride.

Nate watching his big sis and brother on the hayride.

Micah feeding the persistent llama who chased after us for hay. He was cracking us up!

Lydi milking a goat.

Micah's turn.

This is the kid that they all took turns feeding from a bottle.

Micah had fun feeding the turkeys and chickens some corn, even though they pecked his fingers.

After chasing the many cats with no success, Lydi found one sleeping that let her pet it.

Micah smiled for the whole ride on his pony!

Lydi wants to go back and do nothing but ride ponies!


Jayce said...

AWW!! It looks like everyone had such a blast! I love all the smiles! :):)

Lisa said...

How looks like so much fun! Hope ya'll are all feeling better...praying for you!

Kris said...

This looks like so much fun. Where is this farm???

Hope all of you are feeling better and on the mend.

Smith Schoolhouse said...

glad to see more pictures. how bout those bunk beds? I know, I know, you've been very busy taking care of a sick family- really, no pressure.