Tuesday, March 10, 2009


It's been a couple of weeks, so this is a late post, old news, but at least you're getting it. We actually bought the bed the first night Micah was sick with the flu. We didn't know he had the flu, but just that he had a fever and wasn't feeling good. The transition to a regular bed ended up being surprisingly smooth, probably partly because he was sick. The big night was a couple Fridays ago. I can't remember the date and I don't have a calendar nearby. And I am too lazy to get up and get one-sorry! Anyhow, the following Monday(a week ago yesterday), Micah's hands and feet turned purple so I took him to the doctor. By the time we saw her, he was not doing well. He had a high fever, double ear infection, tested positive for the flu, and wasn't breathing right. She thought he had pneumonia so she sent us over to the hospital for a chest xray and to be admitted. The xray was negative but his white bloodcells were abnormally low so she thinks the bacteria got into his blood. He had to have i.v. fluids and antibiotics the whole time we were there, which ended up being 2 nights. Because of the flu, we had this nice warning sign on our door telling people to cover themselves up as much as possible-gowns, gloves, mask. Micah didn't appreciate all that very much, but he got used to it and was a trooper. Even though I didn't want to be there, I was able to appreciate some cuddle time with my boy! I now have a teensy, tinsy, glimpse of what life has been like for my friend Elizabeth who's been in the hospital with her daughter for the past several months. I thought of her often while I was there.
Lydi ended up with the flu and then Bronchitis. Nate had the flu and an ear infection and was running a fever earlier this evening. They've all been on antibiotics so I just line them up every morning and every night. I don't have to worry about forgetting cuz Micah won't let me. He even reminds me to take my daily meds when he knows he hasn't seen me take them. Very cute.
Well, I am ready for everyone to be well in my house and I hope to never again take good health for granted, but I fear I'll renig on that one. So I'll just try to enjoy healthy times more than I have in the past!

I've been tryin to get caught up so I can just blog and I'm finally there!


Tiffany said...

I love the beds!!! I am so glad you guys are feeling better.

Smith Schoolhouse said...

SO cute. they look so happy!

I am surprised though that you put them in the smaller bedroom- Nathan's gonna think he's in heaven to go from a closet to that big room!

jessbecause said...

OH MY!!! What a time of it you have been having! Sorry that he suffered so. :( Glad that everyone is getting better now. Will be praying that you all stay healthy for the rest of the season! LOVE the bunkbeds. :D Give them all a hug and kiss for me, please. :*

Jayce said...

I love the beds! Lydi wanted me to come up on top with her when I was there, but I told her we would wait until I sleep over since everyone was sick then. Glad ya'll love them! And soooo glad everyone is feeling better! Just fyi the mask worked and I never got sick nor got any of my PICU patients sick! Praise the Lord! Love you all!