Sunday, March 1, 2009

Nathan's 1st year

My sweet boy, Nate( a.k.a Naters, Naters taters, Nater tots),
just turned a year old on the 20th!
He has brought lots of joy into my life. He's full of smiles and
his curiosity increases with every day. I am so thankful for him!

(I was gonna limit myself to one picture for each month, but I just couldn't do it!


Jayce said...

Aww I love it love it love it!!! Nate is the most smiley baby ever! I really love the close-up one and the cake pics. I was so sad to miss his birthday, but I am coming this week even if it is crazy timing! Love you!

Smith Schoolhouse said...

good for you!!! Thanks for all the pictures- do that more often!

I love the ones with the muffin. He looks so happy.

Did he get a haircut?

Tiffany said...

He is soooo cute! He has to be one of the sweetest babies ever!

atotallydifferentperson said...

Nope, no haircut yet! It's actually seemed to be growing a bit more lately.
My verification word is gournit. Sounds like a good replacement for darnit! haha!

Marc and Keri Ladouceur said...

Oh Shelly! He is such a sweet boy, I love all of the smiles! He looks so much like you, I can't even believe it!! I love you and miss you guys so much!!

Ray said...

aw He is soo cute! the pics with the muffin cake thing is sooo cute!