Thursday, September 18, 2008

a coloring night

I only have a couple handfuls of fond childhood memories, but I clearly remember sporadically having coloring nights and I'm pretty sure they were always w/ Dad because my Mom worked most nights. Anywho, once it was declared a coloring night, the big ol empty gallon ice cream container full of crayons was brought out to the livingroom floor along with whatever coloring books we had and we just colored our little hearts out. I remember it was extra special to be on the floor, usually on our tummies, to color. I loved geting lost in coloring as a child and I still do. So what's my point? Well, it was just the kiddos and me on the homefront tonight and I declared a coloring night, minus the floor part. That's just not happenin at this stage of the game, but it was still great! Micah didn't eat the crayons, Nate happily rolled around eating toys, and Lydi was just thrilled because I was calling it "coloring night".
What's your favorite childhood memory?


Smith Schoolhouse said...

I LOVED coloring night too! I can't even think of another childhood memory right now (besides laundry day) that brings back more memories than coloring night. I think Dad was sneaky though because I think I remember the TV being on in the background. But still either way he colored with us and that was cool!

Marc and Keri Ladouceur said...

I have check this blog page everyday, and think about what I would post as a childhood memory. Nothing comes to me. If I really rack my brain, I remember when our Christmas tree fell over and we called the cops because we thought someone broke into our house. Dad was out of town and mom was working nights so it was just us girls and we were sooo scared. I don't even remember coloring nights. If I think of something good I will add.

Jayce said...

yeah, i don't really remember coloring nights. that christmas tree incident was a funny one. it's sad but i have a hard time thinking of a memory, too. i guess one thing would be car trips to visit our grannies and papas. we would always make the whole back of the van into a big bed and sprawl out. shelly would sleep the whoooole trip, and keri and i would bicker a good bit. it seems like it was always dark when we arrived at our destinations.

atotallydifferentperson said...

Rizzo- As I was writing this post, a I had a flashback of laundry day! At least a week's worth of 6 people's dirty clothes piled in the livingroom floor. AHHH!!!

Keri - I so remember that Christmas tree night. We were all freaked out and it was crazy! We must have given those cops a big laugh!!

Jaycee- Yes, we did usually arrive at night and sometimes we were surprising Papa and Granny. How traumatic that must've been for them to wake up in the middle of the night to 4 kids ready to tear their house apart! And those car trips were fun! Did I really sleep that much?

Julie said...

I read this a while ago and wasn't sure if I commented or not. Now I see I'm the only non-sister to comment. I just wanted to let you know, we've colored a few times since I read this!