Tuesday, August 26, 2008

One More Thing

I haven't mentioned that I am planning on starting Kindergarten w/ Lydi next week. Yeah, yeah, I'm sure there are plenty of people thinking I'm silly but Jon and I decided a while ago that it would be a good thing so I'm gonna go for it and stop being double-minded about it. We've been doing "school" for the last almost 2 years so I'm not stressing about it. I've been more stressed worrying about what people would think of me for starting a little early than I have been about actually starting. Silly stuff it is! Worrying about what people think, I mean. I hate it. Working on that! I'll try to keep ya'll "posted" on how school goes, but don't expect it often. Computer time doesn't come easily these days!!! TTFN!


ann marie said...

I hear you on the computer thing. I had to cut down drastically when we started school last week. I can't post much, but have been doing some blog reading. good luck with school!

ann marie said...

hope all is well with you...i like to check your blog from time to time, but i know you must have your priorities straight because you only post when you have time, unlike me who posts when i am trying to avoid doing what i should be doing!