Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Random List

I'm gonna copy someone and do a list of updates, funnies, etc.

- We've been robbed and it's not the sock thief this time. Or at least I don't think it is.
This time it's the microwave food cover thief. Yep, my cracked plastic thingy that keeps food explosions in the microwave to a minimum, is GONE. I noticed yesterday that it wasn't in the microwave where wekeepit and thought that was strange. So I looked at the counters and dishdrain. Nope. Recycle bin? nope. And then I just figured JOn must've put it somewhere or that I 'd thrown it away or hidden it from myself, but I didn't feel like taking the time to search. When Jon got home I asked him about it and , after checking in the microwave for himself, he proceeded to look in every cabinet and drawer, some twice. It is nowhere to be found at this point. Weird!

- Micah has not climbed out of his bed or poop-painted in over a week! Woo Hoo!!!

- School is going well. Lydi is soaking everything up like a sponge. I'm amazed at what she is capable of learning and doing.

- Nate is so MOBILE. He's got his own version of crawling but he can get anywhere and fast! He's sitting up, waving, and smiling A LOT! I'm so thankful for his joy! What I'm not so thankful for, though, is his stinky poop! We've started feeding him some food and PEE UUUUUUUUUU! Sometimes I have to ask myself why I didn't wait for the solids. But it was inevitable, right?

- Yesterday was kind of lousy for me. I woke up later than planned which is never easy for me to get over. And then it really seemed like the kids were just on a mission to make me looney. So I was finally fixing myself some lunch and made some kind of grumbling noise at something Lydi had done or said. And Micah goes " Mommy, why you do dat? Why you make dat noise?" And I said " Because, you guys are making me very angry" And Lydi goes " We're just being kids." Ouch!!! She's so right. So why am I getting so bent outta shape when they're just being the kids that they are? The kidsGod trusted me to train up. This is my job. I'm like the restaurant worker who's annoyed that customers are coming in hungry, or the dish washer annoyed that dishes are being dirtied, or the lawn guy sick of the grass keeping on growing, you get my point.

- okay, I'll stop this insanity. I know there's more I wanted to write about, but I keep getting interrupted so I've lost it and this post is probably too long already.
P.S. What's up with nobody sharing their childhood memories? Am I a dork for asking? Guess I was just feeling sentimental...


Smith Schoolhouse said...

no you're not a dork for asking! come on guys!

ann marie said...

I like your list post.
Don't you find lists are so much easier to write? I do. I think I may revert to lists and only lists.
Did you see the photo of yourself on Julie's blog today? Very cute.
Well, I for one am sorry I did not respond about happy childhood memories in your last post. I used to love playing outside in the summer time and catching fireflies in glass jars. I loved baking cookies with my sister. We used to eat half of the dough raw and then roll around and complain about how bad we felt. Oh and I LOVED using my sister's easy bake oven. I could go on forever.
I love your blog and love when you post.

ann marie said...

Also, what is the deal with things going missing like that? It happens all the time here. Things like spatula's and can opener's, things I actually need. Guarantee you will find it under someone's bed!

Jayce said...
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Jayce said...

speaking of lists and baffling missing things, here is a list of my things that have gone missing in the last couple months (keep in mind i have roomies):
-my beautiful ceramic bowl mom painted just for me
-my toenail clippers
-2 pairs of panties (panties! seriously! from VS! ugh!)
-one of my Office DVDs

Melissa said...

I am currently missing the potato peeler. Frustrating!!

favorite childhood memory - sleep-overs at my grandparents house - watching the Carol Burnett show and laughing at Grandma who was laughing so much she was crying - and laughing at Grandpa, who had fallen asleep in his chair, talking in his sleep.

atotallydifferentperson said...

Rizzo, thanx for having my back! BTW,I wasn't calling you nobody but you couldn't think of one.

Ann Marie - Yes, lists are easier and they don't require much thought for a title. I always have a hard time thinkin up a title. And you do not need to be sorry for not responding! I am sorry to everyone for the guilt trip! I let my insecurities get the best of me sometimes! I still love cookie dough and go back and forth about whether or not I'm gonna let my kids eat it.Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.
Jayce - The whole underwear stealing/borrowing is just disturbing!!!
Melissa- I love sleeping over at my grandparents' houses too. My Granny used to fall asleep watching tv but claim she was just resting her eyes!

Lisa said...

I've officially lost my mind. I thought that I left a comment on your childhood memories post. I guess not.'s one of my favorites...
Friday nights...watching Dukes of Hazzard with my family while eating HUGE bowls of chocolate ice cream chased with salty popcorn. Yee.haw. :)