Tuesday, July 22, 2008

a vacation day

We've had a bunch of sickies in our house for the last few days. It started w/ Lydi on Friday afternoon when out of nowhere she had a high fever. She and I slept on the couch to wait for Jon to get home from Kansas. He walked in the door at 12:30am and within a few minutes, Micah was crying and was burning up too. They were both miserable so we held them and all watched meercat manor til about 1:30. We finally got to bed around 2am and by 6:45am, the five of us were snuggled up in our bed. It was actually sweet. Saturday was spent holding fussy kids and I felt bad for them but I was beginning to feel tired. Sunday morning came and we knew it wouldn't be good to take the kids to church and Jon was scheduled to do sound so I was home w/ the kiddos til the afternoon. All this time of Lydi and Micah being really sick and out of it, I was feeling so thankful that Nathan hadn't gotten it. Lydi started feeling better Sunday night but not Micah. He just about drove me to the looney farm yesterday w/ his whining and clinginess. And then Nathan spiked a high fever last night and I seriously got only a few hours of broken-up sleep. So, I'm a bit embarassed to admit this, but when I woke up today and Micah started whining, and I knew Nathan was sick, and I didn't want to end up freaking out on my kids, I called Jon and asked him to come home. I really didn't expect him to be able to, but I was feeling desperate. He said he'd see what he could do and let me know. To my surprise, he called back and was on his way home! I wanted to tell him nevermind, I'm sorry for being so pitiful, but it was too late for all that. So I humbled myself and accepted his willingness to help me with everything. He told me to consider it my VACATION day and make the most of it. So I took a morning nap cause I so needed it! And this afternoon I organized my desk and a cabinet that were out of control w/ clutter! I am so blessed to have such an awesome husband!

BTW, last week was not too bad. There were a couple of CRAZY days, but what's new? Having my Mom here for the nights was a huge help! What a blessing it is to have her so close and so involved! Thank you to everyone who prayed for me cause I have never been as peaceful while Jon was away, as I was last week. God is so good and faithful, even when I'm not!

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Tiffany said...

Lydi looks so pitiful! I don't know if I was just emotional when I read that last night but the picture and Jon's kindness in giving you a vacation day actually choked me up. I'm such a dork. I hope today goes great for you. I'll send a prayer up for ya.