Tuesday, July 22, 2008

cute pics

Just some random pictures I want to share. The pool ones are from a couple days before Jon went to Kansas. We were having a staycation day at Ms Kelly's pool. She is so sweet and hospitable!

How many kids can fit on a baby playmat?

Yes, this is me in a swimsuit, but I just had to share this sweet moment that I'm so glad was captured. Lydi really wanted to sit by the pool, w/ her feet in, and drink lemonade with me. It was too cute! And it meant so much to her. She is a "stop and smell the flowers" kinda girl and God uses her to slow me down and appreciate the simple things, when I'll let Him!!!

Lydi and Micah having an indoor picnic(their idea!)


Tiffany said...

Two of those pictures bring back memories for me. I know I have a similar picture of all three of mine on the playmat and the picnic one. I have a cute one of Hannah and Grace at their little table and Grace is sitting in a sassy seat--she was not much more than 1. Cute pictures!

Randi Sue said...

I like the pictures. Your kids are blessed to have a dad and a mom like you two.