Monday, July 14, 2008

our 7.4.08

Uncle Matt is tainting Nate w/sports-watching way too early!
sweet Nate w/ his Aunt Keri

the guys were shootin hoops

And Levi was just hangin out on top of their van!

Watermelon juice was a hit w/ the kiddos and Aunt Jaycee!

I was just chillin on a lounge chair and this was such a pretty view. Our Crepe Myrtle is doing well this year!

Jon working on his guitar that he went to a class to learn how to build. He's finished it now!

Lydi and Micah during the day on the 4th. They were painting w/ice.

I wanted to put more pictures on here but I messed up so maybe I can add them later.

This is a little late, but we had a fun fourth! Keri and Marc, Jayce and Matt(her fiancee), and my Mom stayed w/ us for the weekend. Friday night we all went to a fireworks celebration and Riss and her family came too. It took 2 vans to get the 16 of us there! Granny had promised all the kids she'd buy them cotton candy, so they were more concerned w/ that than they were excited about the fireworks. What a site we must've been pushing thru the crowds looking at every vendor for colored sugar on a paper cone. We finally found it after walking forever and even having to cross a main road. We just about bought them out w/ our order of 10 cotton candies! It was good and everyone had fun. I especially enjoyed running down the train tracks w/ my neice, Hannah. Her Dad told me I needed to be careful cause I am too old to be doing that. Whatever!

There was a lot of excitement in the air around here cause Keri is pregnant and Jayce is engaged to Keri's husband's best friend, Matt! So there was lots of baby and wedding talk going on. Very exciting!!!

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Tiffany said...

I love the watermelon pics. I've never tried that but I bet it's good!