Tuesday, June 24, 2008


This morning Nate had his 4 month ck up. I thought two would be easier for me, and since Micah and his cousin Abby have a sometimes unbearable love-hate relationship, I asked Aunt Rissy to keep Lydi.
Well, there are many words that might describe my morning, but easy is NOT one of them! Everything was just peachy for the first half hour or so of being at the doctor's office. But by the time the Dr finally came into the little closet they like to call an exam room, Micah's make-mama-crazy button had been pushed. He's the sweetest little guy, but he has a thrill-seekin,trouble-makin streak in him. Maybe it's just a boy thing, I don't know. Anyhow, while the doctor was in the room, he poured my water on the chair and floor. Then, after shots, while I was nursing Nate, which is hard enough cause he is so distractable, Micah thought it was funny to knock the trash can over. After the second time, I had to get us out of there. The receptionist tried to get me to make our next two appointments but I told her I'd have to call later for all that cause I was on the verge of CRAZY MAMA. She looked a little concerned and quickly ok'd that.
So we got in the van and I gave Micah a peanut butter granola bar to keep him busy while I tried to finish nursing. It wasn't long before he was spitting out the peanut butter granola bar all over himself and his seat. My "no's" and "stops" were met with evil giggles and more spitting. ERGGGHHH! I finally gave up trying to get him to stop. I didn't want to have to interrupt Nate nursing again, so I accepted the mess and tried to stay calm, which I actually, surprisingly was able to do! Not too long after that, I realized Nate had had a blow-out and would have to be changed after he ate and before I could clean Micah up. Well when I set him down to start the whole process, I realized I'd been pooped on as well! I'm not talkin about a little smudge either. A big, pancake-sized spot of poop was hangin out right in the front of my pants. And I was really wanting to stop at the store on my way home since two is easier. I cleaned us all up and we made it to the store, after I treated myself to a much-needed java chiller from Sonic that I'd been curious about and now felt justified in trying.
The rest of the day went smoother. I did something I've wanted to do for a while but haven't taken the time to do. I rearranged my livingroom furniture. I just left my non-refridgerated groceries on the counter in bags and started moving couches and stuff. And I'm liking what I did! I have some recent pictures but I'm gonna have to try to get them on here later cause they're still in my camera and I've gotta get to bed! So for those of you who hung in there reading this long post because you were hoping for some cute pictures, SORRY! Maybe tommorrow!


Anonymous said...

I am sympathizing with you right now. What was it with yesterday? :o)I just said to your sister that wanted you two to come over and help me rearrange my furniture, but then I did Sunday afternoon to help relieve stress. Funny how that works and helps us destress. We still need to get together though. I'll email you.

jessbecause said...

Hi Shelly, I can really relate! Thankfully the kids are getting older and in some ways more managable...but we had those days too. I guess we all need a bit of insanity to help us realize that we can not do it with out some devine intervention! They claim you will miss these days!!!

Tiffany said...

It will get easier I promise! You will actually look back on these days and miss them believe it or not.