Friday, May 23, 2008


It's been one week since my sister, Keri, moved to Chicago. She and her husband, Marc, came here last Thursday for one last hoorah. We celebrated Keri's birthday which is not til the 30th but she'll be a little too far for us to all get together then! We ended the night with a game of Apples To Apples. Fun!! We all(Marissa and her kids, Jayce, Mom, Keri and Marc, and my fam) had breakfast together at our house Friday and they were off. It was sooooooo sad to say good-bye! But I'm sooooooooo thankful to have lived within 2 hours of her for the last 8 years! What a blessing! And I am so impressed by her submission to her husband's call on his life to be a pastor! She is truly a Godly wife! Please keep them in your prayers as she'll be living up there without him for several weeks due to her needing to be there to start a job, and him having to keep working in Florida til the end of July. Right now she's staying w/ a couple from the church where she works. That's supposed to only be a 3 week thing so they're hoping to be able to move in to their rental early, but without having to pay 2 rents.

I had to post all of these cause I think it's funny to see the different things each kid is doing in each one! I love these kiddos!

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