Friday, April 18, 2008

more pictures

Tummy time-hard work!

Micah and cousin Abby

This is our crazy fish, Stella.

Nate talking

Today has been quite eventful!
I ventured to the grocery store w/ the kids-by myself!
Well, not completely cause my Mom met me there, but
I was already almost finished when she got there so I did
some of it w/ no help. Like getting us all in the store! I carried Nate in his
carseat and Lydi held my hand w/ Micah holding her other hand. They were so cute
and GOOD!!! A nice little boost to make me see that I can do this!
Also, Jon finally sold his MG today! We have wanted that car gone since we moved here 8 years ago! Woo Hoo! So now Jon will begin rebuilding his motorcycle. I think I'll spend Sunday afternoon(after the guy picks up the MG) in my garage, enjoying the extra space, cause it'll be full of parts very soon!
Anywho, tonight we're having a sleepover! One of my bosom friends is doing a garage sale w/me tomorrow and we need to set up early so she and her fam are gonna stay the night to make it easier. Very exciting! Guess I better go get ready!
Lotsa love to all! Sorry this is formatted so weird. I don't know what's up!


smith schoolhouse said...

OK, now look at that baby fat!!! Don'
t ever worry about Nathan's weight gain!!! He is so beautiful! And look at him holding his heard up so high! He is doing so great!

Lisa said...

That boy is CUTE!!!! :)

Tiffany said...

Good for you venturing out with all three--you'll get your groove and there will be no stopping you! I remember my first trip to Wal-mart. I had really thought it out and decided to take the double stroller and put Hannah and Grace in the double stroller and Joe in the sling and then push a cart--didn't work. At all. I actually had some stranger tell me how bad my idea was. I can't remembered what I ended up doing but I made it and didn't try that again. When he gets older, the backpack is a great thing for shopping.