Thursday, December 18, 2008

recently we ...

Had my mother in law and niece, Bella, visit us from Minnesota. They were here for our annual Thanksgiving celebration at our house. I'll post more pics from that day(for Rizzo!) later because this post has gotten long enough and each picture is taking forever to upload and I am stinkin tired!
Lydi and Bella at the airport

This picture was actually taken Thanksgiving night. It's outta order,but oh well!

Poor Micah got in a wagon crash at the end of our Thanksgiving shindig.

Lydi was wounded as well!

put up our Christmas tree and took a couple weeks to decorate it. It's a prelit artificial tree so it made it easy to take our time cause it looked pretty as soon as we plugged it in. Anyhow, we decided to start a tradition of taking turns putting the star on top so we started with the oldest. Lydi tried so hard to get that star on but it was too high, even on her daddy's shoulders, and it needed some tweaking to get it to stay on.

went to the Christmas Walk and Jon so sweetly paid for the kids to have their faces painted. Lydi has stood in line for this , on more than one occasion, and then couldn't go thru w/it. So this was a big deal for her. She was so worried it would come off. She kept asking throughout the night if it was still there.

These 2 have been buddies lately, finally! Lydi calls Micah her sack of potatas. They're always walking around pretending to be different people and it is just too funny!


Homegrown Schoolhouse said...


I have been waiting and waiting for an update and some pictures.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

It took my kids forever to be willing to get their faces painted, I don't know why. Hannah always wanted it until it was her turn and then she would chicken out. She admired her friends faces but never wanted it on her own. I think she has gotten it done a couple times now, I think because Levi had it one as if it was no big deal.

You know what I have realized lately is how much Hannah & Lydia favor each other. The eye color throws it off but their faces and expressions are very much alike.

I'm done.



Homegrown Schoolhouse said...

more please!!! I want to see your everyday! j/k, but post more!

DebiH. said...

Hey! I quit checking your blog because you hadn't updated:) I'll be checking more often ! We always have the youngest (youngest that is able to do it) put the star on top of the tree and we do not do it until Christmas Eve. The rest of the tree is decorated but the star has to wait. The girls take turns reading the Christmas Story then the star goes on.
After the holidays, you should join us for park day on Tuesdays.

Smith Schoolhouse said...

I want more Walker posts- please!

(my word verification this time is "rabid" I thought that was funny)

Jayce said...

I love the pics, Shelly! I wish I could have seen Lydi trying to get the star on the tree, I bet she was really determined.

I agree - MORE POSTS!!!

Love you!

lisalou said...

Its so good to see you up and running!

Love yh!