Friday, April 25, 2008

A joyful heart IS good medicine!

Lydia's new thrill is finding snails. She and her cousins made them a cozy home w/grass, dirt, leaves, water, and a big rock inside a bowl. They are our pets. Fish and snails are the best pets for us right now!
Speaking of Lydia, I have to take a moment to toot her horn. Most people know that she has not been the easiest kid. Her strong, will-to-dominate personality has stretched me in ways that I didn't want to be stretched, but I'm seeing glimpses of the Lord's purpose in it. Anywho, I rarely share about her growth and awesomeness, but here's something I have to share. Wednesday, I was just about to put lunch on the table when Mr Grabbyhands(Micah) decided to pull my plate off the counter. As I watched my carefully made turkey wrap fall to the floor, I thought I was gonna blow, but tried hard to have some self control. Lydi asked me what I was gonna do and I told her I'd pick it up and try not to be mean(I was very hungry!).But before I could do anything, she had picked it up, put it all back together, and was getting the dustbuster to vaccuum what was left! I was telling Jon about it that night, all teary-eyed, and he so sweetly responded with "so maybe she's not the D-E-V-I-L?" I guess I haven't had the best attitude towards her but I'm gonna try to work on that cause she really is such a blessing!

Love to all!!!


Tiffany said...

Jon's comment made me laugh? I can see him saying that. I'm glad she did something that encouraged you, it can be hard with a challenging child to go on day after day without occasional glimpses of progress.
I love the picture of Lydi-she looks so joyful.

christian gal said...

You are really growing and so is Lydia keep up the great work you are doing so good.